Type and location Residential, Marlton, NJ
Description Site is a medium sized residence with multi pitched roofs. Since the target roofs were facing the street, the buyer wanted to maintain neighborhood aesthetics so premium Sunpower Inc. charcoal black modules (both cells and surrounding frame) were configured. The owner, an experienced trades contractor, moved an obstructing vent pipe to a back roof to streamline the look.
Comments There is some minor afternoon shading of the lower level solar string but it easily satisfies NJCEP default standards for string and array productivity. The State ‘default’ production is 1,200 kWHRS per year per each DC KW. A total system array must produce minimally 80 % of the default for State financial incentive approval and is a form of consumer protection.
Design Information Design submitted to State by R. Barbarics for perpendicular azimuth situated arrays using polycrystalline, black tinted, premium modules with ~ 10 KW capacity.