Type and location Business, Marlton, NJ
Description Site is a 50+ acre world class facility used to train various thoroughbred horses for competitive jumping, racing and show. Site is a totally commercial operation including a large and small stall barn for horses and tack, an exercise facility and storage garage. For personal use, the environmentally conscious owners installed a ground source heat pump in their home to reduce use of natural gas.
Comments The design illustrates that PV arrays can be effective electric producers with azimuth facings far from true south. The large barn array roof is nearly 90 degrees east and still satisfies State mandated production. A number of government databases and computer programs are used to determine production of systems at various pitches, directions and shading. Electric ‘production’ justifies the initial investment.
Design Information Design submitted to State by R. Barbarics for 3 buildings using roof mounted polycrystalline modules with 45KW capacity. As built system excluded small barn for final 40KW.